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Koko appeared again months after the incident along with Zofis (disguised as Milordo-Z) collecting the stone tablets that held within them the Ancient Mamodo, as well as present-day Mamodo to lead them. At this time, Koko appeared to act more in control compared to when she was first brainwashed, but because Zofis's control on her was still in effect, Koko was completely coldhearted; she continuously supported Zofis in his plot to use the Ancient Mamodo to eliminate the remaining competitors in the present-day battle for king, usually by hiding in the shadows while unleashing Zofis's spells on their enemies.

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  • زاتش بيل! مامودو باتلس

    زاتش بيل! مامودو باتلس المطور أيتينغ الناشر بانداي توئيه أنميشن فيز ميديا كرتون نتورك المحرك...

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اضغط على وقت/زمن لرؤية الملف كما بدا في هذا الزمن.

وقت/زمنصورة مصغرةالأبعادمستخدمتعليق
حالي١٤:٠٥، نوفمبر ٥، ٢٠١٥تصغير للنسخة بتاريخ ١٤:٠٥، نوفمبر ٥، ٢٠١٥21:26٤٨٠ × ٢٦٩ (١٥ كيلوبايت)Ali Ahmad Al-laithi (جدار | مساهمات)created video

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