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Laila and her partner Albert are a mamodo team that appear in Ancient Mamodo Arc. Their spell power revolves around the moon. Laila and Albert are a team that appear after Zatch and friends defeat Victoream. Accompanied by Dalmos and Elizabeth, she assists them as best she can, knowing what Zofis was doing was wrong. After Dalmos was sent back to the Mamodo World (mostly due to the arrival of Kafk Sunbeam, resulting in Ponygon's power being unlocked), she helped the remaining protagonists out of the castle, and told them about the Stone of Moonlight. Later, when Zatch, Kiyo, Sunbeam, and Ponygon enter the palace, Laila attacks them, having been hypnotized by Zofis. She stands beneath the Stone of Moonlight, which shines down through a hole in the ceiling, and expresses that she, like Pamoon, will do anything to prevent being turned back to stone. Kiyo convinces her otherwise, and Albert's feelings show through, allowing her to awaken. She leads them upstairs and helps them destroy the Stone of Moonlight and (with the help of her newly awakened partner) defeat Demolt, the guardian of the Stone and the most powerful of all the Ancient Mamodo. She and Albert help to defeat Zofis as well. After the battle with Zofis, Laila asks Zatch to burn her book. Before she disappears, she kisses Albert on the cheek for being a good partner.

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  • زاتش بيل! مامودو باتلس

    زاتش بيل! مامودو باتلس المطور أيتينغ الناشر بانداي توئيه أنميشن فيز ميديا كرتون نتورك المحرك...

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حالي١٤:٠٢، نوفمبر ٥، ٢٠١٥تصغير للنسخة بتاريخ ١٤:٠٢، نوفمبر ٥، ٢٠١٥21:06٤٨٠ × ٢٦٩ (٢٠ كيلوبايت)Ali Ahmad Al-laithi (جدار | مساهمات)created video

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